Ciao, I’m Rossella

I am lucky to have a great more paws and to manage a company always on search of small big solutions to improve our and our friends’ life, where my passions converge.

I am pleased to share our true adventures on the virtuale pages of our blog.

My family: an artist father „ genius and foulness“, a sweet mother, a precise and methodical  husband, two cheerful and curious teen daugthers, an unchained son. Two sisters, two brothers in law and 4 fantastic nephews and nieces that I love. And then, not as last but in the middle, 5 dogs of assorted races, 4 tender cats and 2 horses. At now.

Together we are the „ dream team“ of the company respectively for the creation and the test of „ new easy pieces“ of line BamaPet to propose to you.



Cristina Nardari

a Veterinary Doctor, wife, 4 children’s mother together with a dog puppy girl, two cats, a small parrot girl and an albino frog, therefore…a pretty busy life.

My passion for all animals indiscriminately, only for pets because of a need, dates back to my childhood. To the usual question: “ what will you do when you grow up?”. My answer: “ the animals’ Doctor”. And I have never changed! And I will never change at any costs.

My love to them has inevitably modified my nutrition and life concept. I have worked at ambulatories in Milan and its hinterland to realize then that the visits at home were much less stressing for my patients.

This is the reason why I am always on my bike to be able to visit in total quietness the furry of mine who need me more.