Saturday 8th of June
I pick up my boy child at school and go to the company to meet Dad and have lunch together. We have almost arrived, when I see the car before us slow down and a small creature come out of underneath suddenly.

I reduce speed too and try to understand what is happening. As soon as the car stops, Mathieu opens the door and runs toward the middle of the road: frightened I put the four arrows, get out from the car and wave to the others behind me to stop. In the meanwhile the cars on the other way stop as well.
There is a kitten. He is really very small. The back paws are “spread” on the hot asphalt and he stands on the front paws (what a dignity in this little kitten), but he can’t even mew.

He has been crushed by a car for sure, that has then gone away, without taking care of that small being.
Who can be so cruel? My son asks me. I want to think that the car didn’t notice that it crushed him because he is so small… I believe he has been taken as a little mouse.
Mathieu takes him on his arms and because of fear, stress, hot, pain and maybe a mix of everything, the kitten can’t hold back…and makes his needs on him. But he doesn’t care, he is only interested in saving him.

A very kind lady comes towards us and offers her dotted scarf to wrap the kitten, then she goes back to her car and takes some scented wipes to clean the child and the kitten.
We are in front of the company and we decide to take the kitten inside, we clean him a little, we give him water and put him in a kennel to make him quiet and make his body temperature lower.
He looks at us with huge eyes, he has a child gaze, deep, searching, that hits us inside, it is amazing. But he is not afraid, he‘ d rather like to say thanks to us, yes, it is a look of gratitude.

We leave him in the kennel in shadow and with the water bowl, wrapped in the scarf, the back paws are motionless. I call the veterinary, but it is too late and nobody answers, therefore we decide to leave the cat quiet and go and have something to eat.
Inside me I think he will not survive, I can not understand how much serious the crush can be, but my child’s love and courage for that kitten convince me that he can do it. During the whole lunch I am not able not to think to his look, two deep blue eyes, a blue where to lose themselves, I can not explain, but the way he had looked at us, had hit me inside.

At three we go back to him, he is always there, but he is quieter, the temperature is lower and he has almost drunk all the water. Well, this small thing is a real warrior, we have just to take him to the veterinary’s to understand how he is.
Mom, look at the scarf that the lady gave us, it has blue dots like the kitten’s eyes!
Thta’s true: wrapped in this scarf he is really very beautiful, it seems to be just for him!

We arrive at the vet’s and he visits him immediately. The back paws are motionless, he decide to make a X-ray plate, he disappears with the kitten to come back a little after smiling: he has had a crush and the hip bone is broken but, if we are able to make him still in a small cage for 1 month, he can do it.
We smile and breathe a sigh of relief.
The veterinary makes him a painkiller sting and informs us that the kitten isn’t more than 1 month and he wants to hold him one night to be sure there are no internal bleedings and/or others, but he waits for us the morning after to take him home. Confident, we go back home.

In the evening we settle the small cage that we had used when Chanel had been crushed and then operated : we put inside cushions and shoe straps with small balls so that he can play. Then the dilemma comes to us: how can we name him? But the answer comes earlier than expected.
Mom, on TV they say that today is the World Ocean day, since he has got such blue eyes, why dont‘ we name him Oceano?
Wow! I’d say this name wears him like a glove! It is very beautiful!!
The following morning we go to the vet’s soon. The kitten is well, he has slept, he doesn’t move his back paws (but we already know that) and the doctor suggests to give him powdered milk because he is really very young.

We take him home, we enter and the Dachshund Chanel gets crazy. She LOVES cats, she adores them! He looks at her, he seems to thank her too, he is not afraid, he doesn’t blow, he watches her with his big eyes and Chanel… was happy!
Therefore we put him in the small cage, he looks around and then, like expected, he starts playing with the shoe straps. In the meanwhile Mini and Tigro, the small abandoned cat that we adopted the previous week after reading an announcement “kittens for free” (but this is all another story).

Arrive too and nobody blows at Oceano, all look at him curiously. Mini and Oceano look at each other in their eyes, Mini has been also rescued by my children when he was as young as Oceano, he knows his pain and recognizes gratitude in his look. I am enchanted, moved and also proud: my children are really kind souls though they often quarrel and make me angry.
Tigro breaks the ice and insert his paws in the cage starting playing with Oceano, who is obviously laying down, since his back paws are still montionless.
One month goes by fast and everyday Oceano is better: he has grown up and he is stronger. He keeps on looking at us with huge eyes, full of gratitude.
It is unbelievable. To understand what is inside that glance you should see and live in person.
His is a thanks that captures and stumps you. He knows we have rescued him and he thanks us with his big blue eyes everyday.

After about 45 days we go back to the vet’s. The kitten is well, he totters a little bit, but he can stand. We make another X-ray plate and…hooray, the hip bone is re-joined!
Now he has to “learn” to walk, the vet says, but be quiet, cats learn very fast and they are really very strong.
No sooner said than done: after 10 days he runs all over home like a fool, runs behind Tigro, they fight, they climb the curtains, they play and they take a nap dead tired: then they recover and …restart from the beginning!
Oh yes, at our home you you will be never bored!!