Beautiful season has come, games outside, runs in fields and… the allergies too.
Even our 4 legged friends can suffer from intolerances and allergies.

Intolerances usually cause lighter symptoms because they don’t modify the immune system with the production of antibodies like allergies.
Without entering in a very complex field, it is good to know that intolerances give symptoms only because of the heap of the responsible substance. Assuming it in low and distant in time doses, you will have no symptoms.
These can be swelling of the belly, feces not formed, sleepiness or general illness, aspects that are difficult to detect in pets and sometimes underrated or confused with other pathologies.

Much more complex it is the world of allergies.
Not all subjects have allergic rashes but in these cases the dose has not importance. Infinitesimal parts of allergen is enough to provoke an anaphylactic shock that can exceptionally cause even death.

Also our friends pets can be allergic to many thins: foods, pollen, poison of some insects, chemical substances, pigments …
Unfortunately even us veterinaries more and more often detect symptoms of allergies  in our “ patients” perhaps because of the life they live in polluted cities, for transformed food, for abuse of medicine and anti-parasites.

Just like for us human beings the symptoms can affect eyes, stomach, skin like rash provoking deep injuries, typical on the cats’ neck.

If you suspect one of these allergies, it is better to consult a veterinary. He will consider if it is the case to make specific tests on the subject, to detect the substance our friend is allergic to.

In the most updated laboratories of Vet Analysis we can make specific blood test and following immunization. With a simple blood test many allergens are tested, from breath, food and parasites.

Unfortunately there can be note detectable substance, our contribute will be fundamental to try to understand when symptoms appear.

To note on a booklet all that he eats and drinks, or goes in contact with ,  can be  useful to individuate immediately the “ guilty”.
Once found the cause of the allergy, if possible, we will proceed with the elimination of the allergen, in case it is food or a parasite, or with the desensitizing through products that laboratories themselves prepare for each patient.