Davide and I have been heart friends since we were 11, we have always told everything each other and have agreed with all but fashion.
He loves the classic style: jacket, tie, handkerchief in the pocket, socks and combined shoes, watches, jewels..I have never been a lover of expensive dresses or jewels, I love soft things that make me feel good, therefore I adore the leisure suit and I will wear it all the day long, if it were possible! In short, two opposites!

In an afternoon of 19 years ago, we are talking about the engagement rings ( at that time he was engaged and I was not). For me they are overrated things, above all at our age
When at his sentence that “ a diamond is forever” I answer that for me “ a blonde Labrador is forever” the discussion languishes and we agree to go and have a good ice-cream.
But the following evening Davide arrives my home at an unusual time. We are best friends, yes, we have already seen each other the day before, I wonder what can have happened now!
I go down the stairs. I meet my grandmother Rita who laughs under her breathe. I look at her in a fog, what is she laughing at… bah… What she laughed at, I never understood, but when Davide has entered carrying a blonde Labrador puppy in his arms, I have cried of joy! A soft fat thing with a big black nose! A wonder! Lucky!

For me, that I have grown up together with hunting dogs, breton, setter, the Labrador was a dream.Maybe, because weakened by the Scottex advertising, it is because he is fatty and clumsy like  me, the Labrador is my avatar/dog! At that moment, I don’t understand the meaning of that present, I have always been a little bit naive and then he is my best friend…
But after some days I have some doubt and in a July night I also have the confirmation on my suspects ( I bet that you, who are smarter than I, have already got it!).

Davide loves cars in a maniac way, in HIS cars you can’t even breath, there is no dust, all is perfumed, but that famous July evening he invites me to go to the sea by car. With Lucky. Who on the beach, like a good puppy, does his duty and he gets wild: he runs, he rolls, he digs tunnels, he gets… like a puppy who plays in the sand. You can guess. And Davide, looking disregarding, makes him get on his car without a sorrow ( I was made aware later that he spent all night long to hover up all the dust and to clean the car, but this is another story).

In the meanwhile Lucky and I keep on living in symbiosis, We sleep together, we go and work together, every day we have long walks and in the weekend we go to the sea or to the mountain. But Davide, who is single in the meanwhile, very often joins us. Adn thus, a summer night, while Lucky is digging one of his tunner on the beach in Forte dei Marmi, Davide and I sit on the Patino to look at the moon reflecting on a calm sea. Around us all is silence and in that silence the first kiss arrives sincere, lips only touched but enough to make our story at 3 start: I, Davide and Lucky.
Lucky, in short, has been our “ engagement dog”.
It was in year 2001 and still today Davide and I are together.
Lucky, we are sure, watches over us form up above.