Would you like to share your life with a pet but a dog is too engaging and the cat not compatible?
Why don’t consider a ferret?
Like for the other species, it would be better to inform before the purchase to avoid to discover too late that you could be incompatible.

First of all commercialized ferrets  (Mustela Putorius Furo) come from livestock  and have been tamed, but they rest hunters and strict carnivores, therefore you have to remind that they are not soft plush toys to cuddle, if angry they can bite strongly.

Their long shape is perfectly suitable for their main activity that is the hunt of small mammals  like the rabbit. For this  reason they usually make big holes and dig fast, by hiding in apart places, therefore it is better to avoid to let them go to open spaces, unless with a leash, since you couldn’t find them anymore.

They are extremely clean creatures of habit and they use, like cats, clean litter box better if located in a quiet place far from food.
A good washable and disassembling litter like the Sabbia Litter will be perfect.
Choose a proper sand, the very dusty ones could damage breath and the sawdust could contain dangerous mold.

As far as health is concerned, they should be vaccinated against the distemper by using same vaccination as the one for dog and the one against rage, above all if he will be used to walk outside.

We strongly recommend the sterilization for both sexes.
Not sterilized females, if pregnant, will have a continuous  heat for month which could lead them to death for hyper-oestrum, absent conditions in nature but easily possibly in captivity.
The not sterilized males, because of sexual hormones, will always have a very bad smell.
This kind of operation must be required only to veterinaries specialized in exotic animals.

It is highly suggested to avoid the operation for the removal of the paranal glands that they will use like skunks, belonging to the same family, only in case of danger.
The same deterrent used for dogs and cats too.

Being strict carnivores, the food will have to be correct, the sector distribution will have that for sure, otherwise you can use the products though for the felines.

Anyway they are very social, curious and lively animals and if you make them used to be hold in your arms and not to bite you, they will conquer you!