s it normal that pets lost a lot of hair?”
People often ask this question. It depends. Hair loss could be normal but also a symptom that there is something wrong.

Animals have a normal growth of hair composed by three phases. In the first one, the hair bulb is responsible of the growth, in the second one there is a transitory phase and in the last one it is expelled.
During spring and summer every animals lost hair, especially softer, shorter and silkier hair that help to keep body warm in the coldest months.

The hair loss is different according to the different race, for example Nordic race are more predisposed. It usually takes place in Spring when they are more exposed to sun and light.

The temperature is also very important because animals that live outside start hair loss before the others. The hair loss starts in the back of the body and continues towards the head.

In nature dogs find plants while in the house they roll on the carpet to remove excess hair.
Sometimes they can suffer from dermatitis because some hair are difficult to remove. It is important to help pets to remove all the excess hair and help them.

Pet has to get used to being brushed with soft brushes in order to avoid pain in case of knot. The complete shaving is to avoid because it can expose skin to UV ray and can cause severe damages.

Cats also lost their hair, especially cats with abundant and long hair. It is important to have a proper and constant grooming or the cat could ingest a lot of hair causing vomiting and constipation.

In addition to soft brushes, to rapidly clean him it is necessary to dampen hands and pet him.
If the hair loss is not normal, it lasts too long and there are areas without hair or there is dermatitis, in this cases it is better to examine the situation.