The launch of the new product – QUBLO – gives me the chance to come back to the matter “sleep”.

Wild animals chose the place where to rest and sleep according to their own species characteristics, to the quietness and to their needs, like for example a mum with her cubs. While sleeping our capacities of watch are lower therefore it is indispensable to find a hidden spot, well secluded and protected to avoid that predators ( the cat as already said, is both predator and prey) and other individuals, also from the same herd, can disturb just when we are more helpless.

Wild cats like better crannies or secluded spots, well hidden for sure, they also often change the rest places if they feel new dangers and above all if there are helpless kitties, easy preys for any predators.
The dog, if in a herd, choses a less secluded spot, because the herd protects both the single individuals and the puppies, but if he is a loner, like the cat, he looks for a more hidden place.
All changes at home.

The dog has generally only one place devoted to the deep rest, in a secluded spot, usually at the end of his owner’s bed, together with the other components of his “herd”.
For him a rigid structure is enough, where to settle a cushion or a soft thing, like an old sweater of ours or a blanket, to chose according to the sizes of our friend and to his health conditions.

Ancient animals need structures easy to access into and also wider than their own sizes to settle themselves in a comfortable way and to avoid painful movements.
On sale you find any kind and shape, even looking like our sofa and armchairs.
If your dog has destructive mania, please avoid the structures containing foam or kopok, whose ingestion causes serious damages.

The cat has more rest places instead, not necesseraly near his human, that can change during the day or a certain period of time.
He prefers raised places so that he can control all home movements. The selected ones will be beds, above all if high, shelves and closets easily accessable both for the climb and, above all, for the descent.
If they weren’t, a small stair or descending shelves would solve the problem. The small stair could solve both for the cat and …for possible children!

Bama Pet has thought to these needs of our friend too: QUBLO is a closed structure made of non-toxic plastics and easily washable.
A cube with two comfortable openings (for cats with normal sizes) to enter and exit with easiness and at the same time to avoid falls.

Properly hooked int can be located in a higher spot or on already existing structure where he can hide and sleep. In case of several sleeps it offers solutions for all the home cats, for the single one the chance to chose the most comfortable one.

But what the cat will find extremely interesting is the possibily, by using more QUBLO, to build a real “Castle” to explore and where to play.
The “rattan” decoration also allows to spy the external world resting quietly recovered and feeling protected.