“To exercise the job of veterinary doctor is a degree needed?”
This is a question that I and many colleagues have heard at least once, like if to be a veterinary is enough “to read something on the web”, like you are doing now, or “to love animals” or like you often hear “ he is only a dog, what can happen?”

Not only to protect our job, but also to make people understand that we can NOT improvise the prescription of medicines or therapies or operations. Our professional orders invite us to denounce the ABUSES of PROFESSION and invite the owners of pets to do the same.

I remind that the abuse of Professions is punished by the Art. 348 of the Penal Code, recently modified by an amendment that make punishments more severe.

In a previous articles I warned about the not correct filling of the Sanitary Book. I remind that, by side of the vaccination label, there always have to be the stamp, where there are the name and surname of the doctor, the registration number, the Order of belonging: mine is for example the one of Milan.

If there is not stamp or incomplete, the vaccination could have been made by the breeder, a student or whoever else, committing a crime of abuse of profession.

Another frequent abuse is made by some dressing storers  who, to make clippings on difficult subjects, use sedatives, tranquillizers or worse anesthetics without having any competence in pharmacology, physiology or pathology.
Or people who suggest therapies and medicines without knowing any collateral effects that can occur.

The exercise of our profession is fruit of complex, detailed and continuous studies that grant the knowledge of the animal and of their and our wellness.

I remind that the Veterinary Doctors not only control all that is on our table, the breeding animals and all their products ( milk, cheese, eggs, honey..), fishes, but they have the responsibility also fo the so called “small animals” that are our pets, both for their health and for the possible transmission of “ zoonosi”.

Therefore don’t trust less expert people or who attract you with too low prices for the services but be selective and careful.

Always ask that the specialized performances like sedations, detartrage are made in suitable structure, ambulatories or clinics and not in stores, even if equipped.

If you have doubts, ask for advice to the Order of Veterinary Doctors of your area, this will help you to understand if you are in front of an abuse of profession and act consequently.
Would you live in a house projected by a doctor?