When she was 7, Celeste had a bad illness that solved itself then well, but that has caused some trawlings like some insecurity and sleepwalking. After about one year the doctor was convinced that only one thing could help Celeste: an unconditional love, only for her to help her to “ face “ the night.

She thinks about a pupply, only hers, to sleep with her too.

We think of a kitten, but the doctor says that the cat is independent for nature with own character and mood, Celeste needs a small dog.

A SMALL DOG???? But we already have 3 Labradors and then for me dogs are ONLY big, I can not understand a small dog at all…I can’t even imagine to have a “ mouse dog” at home, but for Celeste’s love I would have taken an army of “ mouse dog”.

We start searching on the web to check the races, the various characters etc..but nothing can seize our attention.

Therefore we go and visit two kennels but the small sized dogs find a family easily, above all if puppies.

The solution is nearer and simpler than I thought, I would say it is under my nose!
In the building where I work there is infact a very nice pet shop, Il giardino dei tesori, how could I not think about before?

Besides of accessories and food there are also live animals: fishes, reptiles, birds, rodents and..small sized puppies!
Well, I go and have a look at puppies and among all of them, I notice a small dachshund with sweet eyes. When I approach her she lays on her back to show her belly and ask for scratchs and, in this exact moment, the imprinting arrives!

Every day, for almost 2 weeks I go and visit her.

A saturday I also bring Celeste to see how she reacts. No worth to say her eyes shine. The next saturday, in agreement with the pet owner we take the small basset from ther cage, we wash her, we make her wear a red ribbon and we hide her behind a carton of pet food.
In the afternoon, as usual, we go to the shop. Celeste runs to see and control the puppiers with her cousin Lorenzo, but she comes back soon very sad: she is no more there, I think she has found someone who took her away…
Behind a shelf his wife appears triumphant with the dachshound and the red ribbon, she looked like an Easter Egg.
I still remember Celeste’s face who starts crying and repeats continuously: I can’t believe, I can’t believe that…

Chanel is hers!

Chanel has been the solution for all Celeste’s problems who stopped with her nightmares and wandering at home. They sleep together they have been living in symbiosis for 3 years and can’t live without each other. Chanel has saved Celeste and I have re-evaluated the small sized dogs. She is a concentration of joy, sympathy and everyone loves her!

About this small basset,“ Cotechina” for friends, I have a lot of stories to tell… at the next one!