“Doctor, is it better dry or wet for my little cat?” This is the typical question they make when I visit a cat puppy for the first time. The great distribution offers such a high variety of selection that we are often undecided in front of shelves of packages with different shapes and with organoleptic characteristics that are sometimes incredible.

The first choice will be obviously the one of the owner who will ask to the veterinary, to the breeder or to the retailer which is the  most preferred food. The answer, dealing with cats, is complicated for the particular palate of these wonderful subjects. The suggestion is to let him taste a few of everything and then to understand what could be the food which satisfies our furry friend better.

We have of course to evaluate not only the temporary satisfaction, but even vivacity, the shining coat and the faeces composed in all the other ages of life. The obliged change of nutrition will happen in case of particular pathologies, pregnancy or in the old age.