Our pets must be always guarded… also when they go to the toilet! You always have to check how our pets make the poo. When it has a mush consistency, difficult to collect, the first thing to think is an enteric infection caused by viral or food infection.

It is always useful to respect the therapies established by your Veterinary, but I remind to ask for a telephonic opinion about the medicine you would like to use to avoid complications (article of February 2017). If symptoms don’t disappear, but they continue also with possible changes in food, after excluding difficult parasite forms like Giardia, you could evaluate the presence in the animal of the “syndrome of bad digestion”.

In this case the subject will keep his appetite (that could even increase), but he will not be able to keep food: this causes an evident loss of weight.

If you have this suspect, you will have to do hematic tests on the animal. In the more modern laboratories by using complete series of analysis.

The blood count will be very important to exclude other pathologies as well. In case of positive result, you will have to give medicine to improve the intestinal absorption. These will vary from case to case and the doctor will prescribe and dose them correctly.  I remind that an abuse (above al of antibiotics) can cause a dangerous disturb f intestinal flora difficult to control.

It is fine to eliminate the intestinal inflammation by living cortisone in the most serious cases. Give food easy to digest, intestinal probiotics to create a better flora and add (according to the cases) some pancreatic enzymes to improve digestion, vitamin B12 and pholates in case of values out of rule

The subject has to be controlled in time to verify the correctness of the therapy even if both the increasing of weight and the consistency of the phaeces will make us under stand the correct functioning of the intestine.