Until few time ago strollers and prams were used by humans only: now we start to see docs and cats inside as well. Such prams and strollers have been adapted for the health needs of the Pet or created jut for them.

The use of a “wheel means” is fundamental and very useful in all cases when the ambulation is compromised. In case of:

  • Amputations; we start producing real artificial limbs for Pets that are completely similar to the human ones.
  • Irreversible lesions to the spinal column: I remind the hereditary pathologies like the Cauda equina in some races that are more predisposed as the German shepherd.
  • Dysplasia of the hip; in big sized dogs it can entail the use of a means.
  • Compression by shocks, incidents, degenerative  illnesses, cancers: in these cases where the ambulation is compromised or even absent and it causes difficulties not only to the animal but also to the wonere, I think it INDISPENSABLE the use of the strollers, now very light, easy to assemble and very tolerable also by the most unruly subjects (above all big sized dogs).

The only precaution is this one: the strollers have to be pets-oriented: for dimensions, weight, sex pathology. In all the other cases the use of these means has to be absolutely avoided.

Dogs have to walk at their owner’s side and stay in touch with the reality surrounding them; this is important even to avoid behavior problems.

Any dog, if placed in higher level than the one of his counterpart, will be socially at a higher lever and he will be allowed to swagger by barking or grinding. If the dog is closed in a space with no way out, it could be more easily attacked by less patient and bigger sized subjects.

Moreover, dogs need to walk not only on soft grounds like home mats or cushions, but also on rough grounds to scratch their nails, to move among other people and dogs, smell the odors which will let then to make dirty out of house. This will allow them to know which other animals are in that area, what and how they are.

Remember: if you want a stuffed animal  to keep in a bag or in a box, which doesn’t get dirty, doesn’t bark and doesn’t relate to their mates… here it is,  a stuffed animal .  A living  being  is not for you.