When I visit a puppy for the first time and check his mouth, it happens that the owners are amazed when I make them note that at the moment he has “milk” teeth; but then this small and sharp teeth will leave the place to more massive and definitive teeth. Our pets have a double teething as well.

Having to suck mother milk, puppies are born completely without teeth.
It would not have sense to have them and they would hurt the mother’s nip who, in this case, would tend to move  them away resolutely, how it happens during the weaning.

The canines are the first to break around the 21st day of life, then followed by the incisors ( 3 each side) around the 25th, 28th, 30th day. Then the premolars arrive.

It will be only at the beginning of the 4th month that the incisors will follow, immediately replaced by the definitive ones, and the molars will appear, that are not present in the first teething.
You can consider that the dog will have the definitive teeth when he is 6 months.

In dogs the milk teeth are 28 the definitive 42.

The cat instead has 26 milk teeth and only 30 definitive ones when he is adult.

The owner doesn’t generally note the change, if not an excessive inclination to bite everything.

The animals don’t remain with nice windows like children, it would be absurd in nature. The change of the teeth happen in such a fast succession that, above all in small sizes dogs, they can come up beside for a long time or for the whole life, by causing sometimes defects on chewing or a heap of tartar.

In case the milk teeth rest, you can try to smooth them by making the puppy play with a toy by polling and leaving it.


If nothing happens it is better to extract them with a surgical operation or profit of the sterilization to remove them in anesthesia.

Watch therefore the going on of the teeth: even animals can have twisted teeth or not located perfectly due to the bad closing of the mandible and jaw that, if for the standard of some races is correct, i.e. the English Bulldog, is a defect for most part of the others and it is sometimes a serious problem.