Weather alert!

The cold of winter, above all if  you live in the north with very low temperatures, the rain that can freeze during the night and the snow, could disturb our pets.
The animals gradually used to stay outside, not only the wild ones but dogs and cats as well, form by themselves proper protections to be able to survive under very rigid climates.
I suggest to the owners of these subjects to adjust the diet already in the previous months to cold by integrating the usual food with proteic material that can be easily elaborated in order to have a  thick fur with a lot of under-fur, and with fats to form the correct layer of adipose tissue, ESSENTIAL only in this case, that will grant the correct thermal isolation.

As much as essential it is an insulated bed, raised from the floor and located to be protected against wind and rain.

There are also some electric elements to warm the bed to be applied on the base or on the roof, but take care the dog is not a destroyer because he could have dangerous electric shocks!


For the friends who will face cold only during walking, I suggest to adopt a proper cover, according to the age of the subject and his characteristics.

small sized dog or a toy dog , who is more in contact with the floor, will be submitted to a more serious thermal change than a giant size one. If he has a short fur he will suffer cold more than a northern one with long fur.

We don’t need many frills, a waterproof outside and warm inside cover will be sufficient.

On sale you also find coats that completely cover the paws. I find them useful for dogs with  fringed paws that could get soaked with water, snow and freeze.


It is fundamental to check all paws when home after have been on the snow. Many races have long and silky fur among fingertips that could gather strange objects like small stones, pieces of glass and others, and even small heaps of snow and ice that could provoke freezings, cuts and wounds.

Before going on the snow, it is better proceed with a local cleaning and toilet, the drying of the paws and in delicate subjects or in dogs working in the snow, the applying of protective creams on all these parts.

Who lives in town will have to take care to the heaps of salt shattered on the streets that is very dangerous.
In exceptional cases we could use protective shoes, above all for subjetcs with wound or pathologies on the paws.