It is a wonderful Saturday in October, the sun is shining, the landscaoe is amazing and the Autumn colors are absolutely the most beautiful in the year!

In Montercarlo there is the Festival of chocolate, a gluttony Festival my children and I can not renounce at and, since it is only 2 km far from us, we decide to have a walk together with Chanel, our Dachshund.

We go by a field fenced by a green net and we immediately hote 2 dogs barking in a continuous way. Honestly we have though they did because they had seen Chanel, but when we have approached we have seen him..a tiny kitten, grasping the net, terrified, one of the dogs had eaten some of his ear.

Without thinking twice I have collected him in my hand, I want to underline in my hand because he was really minuscule, very dirty and with 2 big eyes, too much for such a small face…terrified eyes.

Celeste has started crying like a fool saying we could not leave him there. Celeste is for Animal rights inside, we can’t do anything but we other three were looking at her in a questioning manner..who could think to leave him there so far????

We have come back home and washed him twice to get rid of all the dirty and thus we have discovered that he was black and white with 3 white socks.

Very beautiful.

We have dried him, given him milk with the syringe and then we have laid him inside the pouch and we have walked to the Veterinary’s. During the way the kitten has always slept blissful…

The veterinary has visited him, cared him and the she has told us that he was really very young and that he could hardly survive without a mother, but that he was a very lucky kitten for sure since he has been found by the proper people and that with a lot of patience he could live, thus a new adventure has started..

We have gone and bought milk for kitten to give it to him with 3 hours shifts..even during the night.

The same evening we have decided his name and it has not been difficult.

When we have found him he was very small…I wore the t-shirt of the Mini cars club the kitten has made mine black!) and here he is Mini Cooper!

In two weeks time Mini Copper was hardly recognizable, much less mangy and with a full round belly! At three months we have set him free from worms and vaccinated.

MiniCooper believes to be human and he is very, very methodical.
All the mornings, when he wakes up, he comes with me to drink his bowl of milk and to prepare breakfast for everyone! As soon as he hears the keys ” ringing” he runs fast to the balcony, his favourite place and he follows me step by step while I am watering the plants, he controls that all of them receive the correct quantity of water and he makes me note to pour some other in case it misses.. A real show!

And that’s not all…