A big family, a lot of animals, a company combining her passions.
Who better than Rossella can tell the adventures of a family at more legs and paws, from the daily experience with the furry friends from whom fears, doubts to tell the veterinary are born.
But..Rossella and her friends, of course!

Since today you can follow Rossella and her family’s stories on the blog, together with the usual and precious Cristina’s, our trusted veterinary, and , who know, some other friend’s advice.

In life passions are indispensable, they serve to make us unique, to make us „ survive“ at the humdrum and make us better people, happy people are always positive!
Mine are animals and my Mini car.
I have grown in a family of farmers and hunters, but I have always been strongly unfavorable to hunting and today more than ever.
For what I know I could have said „ bau bau“ before than „ mom“. My grandmother made me grow rabbits, I snuggled them, named them, loved them. But I couldn’t understand why after two years they strangely died and the day after at lunct we always have the cacciatora rabbit or with polenta.
In the farm families this was normal, but in defence of my beloved grandmother I can assure that all the courtyard animals we have, have all lived a beautifull life, they have been nourished, snuggled and above all they have never been in the cages and could run around in the yard as they liked!
Among the animals I still bring in my heart there is the dwarf hen „ kiokio“ I was given when she was still a chick, she slept in my room with me and all the nighes at 19.00 she got on the stairs and went on the coach with my grandfather and watched the news..and then you say „hen brain“ ! Just think Kiokio was update on the world events!She died of old age, abviously, and she had a regular burial in the garden, I still know exactly where.
Then there have been 3 giant ducks, the ones used for the ward as well: Martina, Lori e Brioche. I had taught them to talk with me like gan-gan-gan ( this is their call), we became true friends. Now that I am thinking about, they may have taught to me.
Every day the three came swinging to take me at the bus stop and they becamse the attraction of the neighborhood.
One afternoon I took the hose and had a bath dressed together with the ducks to see who would have dried sooner under the sun. Nanny however didn’t appreciate this experience of young naturalist and punished me all the date for this further stunt.
Then there have been Ciccio and Bella the russian bear cubs, that crazily turned on the wheel of the night, then Rock, Pank, Capo guinea pigs with and without crest and my beloved cat Fanny who was given to me by my day to keep company to me the first time my mom was operated.
Fanny has been with me 18 years!
Then on a beautiful day Bibi arrived, a mut that someone had abandoned in our garden after beating her violently.
Yes, there are..individuals ( „sapiens“ and „ human“ don’t look proper adjectives to me, there is nothing wise or human in beating an animal, which the reason can be) able of this.
Ca va sans dire that we adopated her whitout thinking twice and after neither one month she gave birth to 4 fantastic puppies. Then we have understood that she had beena abandoned just because she was pregnant! ( But how many bad people are there in the world???)
Bibi was with us for 18 years too and she gave us great emotions.
Here they were, these have been the companions of my life!
But let’s come to today. Today I live with Lola, Luna and Orso, 3 labradors, black, chocolate and blonde respectively; Max a Caucasian shepherd; Chanel a dachshound, the queen of the house and 4 cats: Mia, Red, Macchia and Mini Cooper ( he is called like this because when we found him abandoned on the roadside I wore the t-shirt of the MINI concention and the children have thought to call him thus) and at the end Annlise and Cindie, the two horses.
Besides of my family, obviously!

My husband is the family mainstain and not only, he is very precise, almost at a maniacal level and severe when necessary, the exact opposite of me, but I am an artist and the artist have the fame to be messy and with few resolve! But in my defense I can say that among my mess I always find all! Ahahah! Gaia, our older daughter, like all the ones born under the sign of Aquarius is a great artist, she loves reading and studying. Celeste is the sweetest and the most good-hearted in family, very tender and animal friend and lover. At home we call her „ the animals whisperer girl“. At the end the baby boy Mathieu, a real cyclone: where he walks, the grass doesn’t grow any more, very lively, like all the children are and right that they are however.
My animals are pampered, for them I don’t take care of costs for accessories, good food etc. , so that one day my father thought that, with our experience in the animal world and the company, the moment had arrived to make a line of pet accessories and therefore the idea was born for this new fantastic adventure of BAMA PET.
We know that every pet is unique and special! We wanted to think about innovative solutions for practical needs which could be at the same time functional and performing without ignoring the design.
We have needed two years of study of the sector, of cooperations with veterinaries, drawings, proejcts but at the end we succeded!
In 2016, with big proud, we have launched our line Bama Pet devoted to the pet world, where we put all our planning capability, the business dynamism, the innovative approach that have distinguished our company since ever and, not as the last, the love for our 4 legged friends!
We needed an image, a proper logo and it has arrived by chance.
How did we select the picture of the hand with the paw?
Here it is the story: one day I go to Milan for work with my MINI ( the other bit passion of mine) and enjoy the landscape
On the radio, in the background, Maurizio Costanzo’s voice talks about..I don’t remember exactly what but at a certain point he hints at the tweet of a girl who speaking about her cocker, she says: „ I was looking for a hand and found a paw“.
In this simple sentence there is all, all the relationship between two friends, because we talk about that, there are no masters, only two friends.
Here it was! I had found the image for us because at BAMA we love our best friend!
But above all don’t forget that like Corey Ford said: „ If carefully trained the man can become the dog’s best friend“.