I always wanted to write something about Noce. I thought about a book titled “ It rains on Noce” with a design on the covering figuring out my red eyed white bunny who, standing on 2 paws, licked the drops falling from the sky, because he liked the rain.

When I found I was pregnant with Mathieu, Celeste was 3 and the news didn’t make her happy, instead.. she was very angry and to make her quiet we gave her a bunny for present that she has been requesting for a lot of time. I had never had a bunny at home and honestly I feared the living together with electric plugs and the free wires that the small rodent could bite, therefore we started working to make our house safe for Noce: some fence here, some protections for plugs there..
We bought a big cage to make him used at our presence. The first one to fall in love with Noce has been the cat Mia: love at first sight, like a fool. She spent hours to play together with him and to wash him. He was the most cleaned and combed bunny in the world. When Mia was done, Celeste came who brushed him, made him small tails and then she cleaned him with pet talco towels.
Noce has soon shown himself very intelligent, he never made his needs around home but anytime he had to he entered his cage and did all there ( we have thus learnt that the litter of the rabbits doesn’t release smells like the one of cats and this has been a nice surprise!)
A bunny is surely a small friend that I suggest to the ones who don’t have the necessary space for a dog but who don’t want to renounce at having a pet.
Noce ate anything but the vegetables he liked the most were fennels! His eyes shone when he saw them and then he gnawed them with voracity at the light speed!
He spent Winter at home with the cat and Summer in the garden in a small fence just built for him. He was always very happy when the warm season arrived, like we are sofar, sun makes all of us joyous!
In a Summer afternoon the sky gets suddenly dark and it’s raining such big drops like 2 € coins.
Celeste cries worried: mum runs, Noce is outside.
I run outside the door, water falls like full buckets and all is dark except him, the small Noce. In the middle of the fence, standing on 2 paws, he tries to catch the drops to lick them, in that moment all goes very slowly, I hardly hear the noise of the rain that makes me wet because I am too fascinated by that small bunny who has discovered the rain.
Noce’s first rain!
I go back home with Celeste and we spend the following 30 minutes enchanted by Noce, he looks like dancing in the rain, something difficult to explain but very beautiful to see, it gave us peace and wellness.
That one was the first of a long series of moments spent watching Noce during the rain days, he had fascinated all of us, also my nephews, nieces and neighbours came and see Noce’s dance.
Simple things are the ones that make us feel better. Sometimes they come suddenly and unexpected and only then we realize that.
Noce has been Celeste’s first best friend, he left us after 8 year but we think about him all the times it rains.