What can we do to help our fur friends to face winter?

Our pets are lucky, they live in warm, therefore it is enough to give them a cover, a small coat to be used at least for the first and last exits of the day for the healthy and youngest pets, while you have to use it every time on ancient, ill or with short fur subjects.

Cats, who particularly love warm in our homes, will limit their exits on balconies and terraces..even if they will tend and stay far! I
But what about “other” animals?

The wild have biological mechanism to defend themselves from rigid temperatures , but only if they succeed in sparing enough food to store isolating fat, finding a nest for the hibernation and a place where protecting themselves.

We can do something more for the dogs in the kennels or for the strays, who face snow and frost withot due protections.
Bring old blankets, mats or warm fabrics that you don’t use ( profit during change of summer for winter).

Be generous and give some of your time to clear the snow from kennels or shelters.
You can at last contact directly the structures that are more in a need and ask for that is necessary for them. If possible, don’t give money but give things, food, time.

For the Flying animals who struggle for food, you could buy some balls off at to hang at the window or leave crumbs of bread, biscuits or grains. You can easily find them on sale in specialized stores or supermarkets.