Summer has arrived at last! Not only for us but for our friends animals too. Hot, stuffiness, summer sun are not always appreciated and can provoke many disturbs to us and to them as well.
Let’s see that has to be considered.

Appetite, above all for cats, could decrease a lot. For this reason avoid to give food during the hottest hours, but only at night or early in the morning. Pay attention to the freshness of wet food, they mustn’t be exposed to air a lot, they could become rancid or cause food poisoning.

Water has to be always fresh and copious, set more bowls in different points at home. It could be the occasion to buy a small fountain that ensure running water , tastier than the one stable in bowls. Prefer glass bowls or the ones with water reservoir than the plastic ones which become warm faster.

You could add an ice cube, it will be funny for pets who will drink more and it will grant colder water a at least for a while.

Avoid to make dogs walk in the hottest hours, if obliged it will be only a fast and hygienic walk. This is not only to prevent a “blow of heat” ( invite you to read the article of July 2016), but also to avoid that the paws can burn on the boiling asphalt. At this purpose in very delicate subjects or with problems at paws, I suggest to protect them with proper small shoes or socks.

For white animals, pay attention to sun radiation that could provoke burns and also skin cancer ( see article of September 2016). For these problems there sun filter studied for them, to apply above all on the ear borders and on the nose.

During walks bring with you a water sprayer, you could use it to refresh your friend ( above all on his head).

Never leave animals closed in space without being sure they have a shadowed and airy place where to lay. And DON’T FORGET THEM IN THE CAR, their death will be slow and painful.
Pay also attention to air conditioning and fans, they mustn’t be directed towards them or be too low. Exactly like for us human beings, all winter diseases could be serious in summer too.