Holidays at the end and coming back to a sedentary city life many children and guys start again asking their parents for a pet.

My suggestion is always, if possible, to make them happy. The presence of a “warm” pet like mammals, both as a puppy and in teen age, could be very helpful. We learn, helped by intelligent adults, to respect a different being than ourselves, to satisfy his needs like the preparation of meal or the walks, by putting aside our laziness or apathy. We will check our patience and it could be ( in case of dogs) a very good motive to socialize with other people.

If the presence of a complex and exigent animal like a dog is not for you, or even a cat could seem too engaging for you, you can drive your love towards less exigent animals, but not for this unimportant, like rabbits, small guinea pigs, ferrets or chinchillas. By fortune this small pets are not more considered only for their fur! Another option to consider is the hamster.

Even if they are now trained like pets, I will avoid squirrels because they are animals with too particular athletic needs to be closed in small cages.

These different Pets mustn’t be considered all the same, they have different characteristics and habits and they should be chosen and welcome home only after being suggested by specialists, otherwise you could have a normal nocturne hamster who will keep you awake all night long.

Though their small sizes they will have particular needs of space, food and cleaning. If even this would be a too heavy engagement for you, you could propose an experience of voluntary work in dogs or cats shelters. This way we can build a direct relationship with animals without having their daily “ weight” and, above all, you would give a big help to associations.

At the end I remind that there are associations that give custody of small laboratory animals, set free after months or year of experiments: why not giving them a happier life than the one lived?