The cat is an extremely cleaned animal, in fact, when he doesn’t sleep, he spends his time cleaning his wonderful coat, both if it is sparse, semi-long or long.

The cleaning is so accurate and meticulous that if our cat suddenly gives up cleaning himself, this is always to be considered like an alert sign.  All this can be caused by difficulty of the  movement: in fact overweight or obese cats always have a neglected coat just because of the lack of contortionism which is typical of the species, but also because of mouth diseases and lesions which provoke pains or because of diseases linked to the old age. Both in these cases that in subjects with long fur (like Persians, Norwegian, with long and silky fur), the owner should take the important task to brush his cat daily to avoid the out break of dermatologic pathologies or the formation of “Pilobezoari”, better known as “balls of fur”, which regularly cause vomit and constipation in the cats.

The brushes should have soft bristles, never iron ones, to avoid lesions to the delicate skin or to the fur which would be torn and not brushed. Accustom them to the brushing of the coat soon: we will thus avoid bothersome knots so rooted that we have to proceed sometimes with the clipping.