We usually think that animals have to eat on the ground, for this reason we buy bowls of different shapes, colors and materials and we don’t pay attention to anything else.

If the pet is not too tall for example cat, toy dogs or small size dogs, the standard bowl can be the right one. But if our pet is bigger or he has particular pathologies or habits linked to the race, it changes everything and we need to buy an appropriate bowl.

Big size dogs can have difficulties eating on the floor especially those dogs who suffer cervical arthritis (like our cervical) but also suffer hypertension. In this case bow his head can cause malaise or a rhinitis both acute or chronicle. For example when we suffer headache we can’t bow our head because is very painful, in this case they experiment the same pain.

It’s very important to remember that dogs but especially cats are very olfactory, in fact if they don’t smell food, they’ll not eat it. Some pathologies are not linked to the head for example esophagus disease and it’s necessary that food reach the stomach faster.

For all this reason it is necessary to raise bowls to a proper high. Sometimes it is enough to do it for a period of time, other times we must do it continuously. Food Stand is the kit of bowls to be hung on wall that BAMA has designed to meet all these needs and allow our animals to take a correct and comfortable posture when feeding.

P.S. In this piece I am not going to talk about gastric rotation.