Just like they were children, our fur friends should leave on holidays with their own small beauty case, with products useful in case of need.
Prepare a sort of kit where you will put medicines that they will have to assume regularly according to the specific problem, make a correct reserve. Pharmacies don’t always have all the veterinary products, above all if they are in small cities or if there is only one available pharmacy.

Bring the necessary preventions to the parasite pathologies more specific in the area where you will go on holiday. Here it is a list:

  • Products anti-diarrhea, even if I prefer probiotics or milk enzymes to antibiotics, at least in the less serious forms. Your veterinary will suggest correctly.
  • A possible antiemetic to avoid chinetosi or pains due to car, ship or train.
  • A disenfectant that doesn’t burnUn disinfettante che non bruci.
  • Sterile dressing or bandage
  • Some cotton fiocs
  • A pair of small scissors.
  • A plier to take off possible ticks, you can find very useful and functional ones on sale.
  • An antiobiotic local paste.
  • A fial of cortisone (see article August 2016), it will be useful after a bad contact with insects like bees, sometimes saving his life. At this purpose make you indicate the correct dosage before departure.
  • A medicine against otitis if your friend were a lover of plunges or ears in the wind

If then your friend had serious symptomatologies, identify a veterinary structure where you can go in case of needs before departure.  Not all ambulatories or clinics always have specialists.
Leaving quiet for all possible events will make you spend more peaceful holidays.

A very good Beauty Case is Sim Pet of Bama: discover more at this link!