Collars, strangle collars, harnesses, extendable, training, short or long leashes…
How to sort it out ? All obviously depends on the size of the subject, on the race, on possible attitudes and pathologies or particular training.

I would avoid the strangle collar in any case, I would say it is not in use anymore. A normal collar suitable to the neck of the dog and to his size can be fine only if a subject is particularly educated to say on foot of his owner and he doesn’t suddenly pull. In other cases, puppies on training, young and exuberant subjects, dogs with problems at their neck like muscular or articular ones or arthrosis to the cervical vertebra, or subjects who easily suffer from pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis or particular races of dogs like the driver ones, it would be better to use the harnesses. These do have the advantage not to load on the above mentioned parts and to have a better control from the owner. Now they can also have reflectors or led which make our dog visible in the dark.

You always have to check that the hook to which the leash is hung is of good manufacture, in order to avoid that in case of sudden fear it can unhook and let the dog escape or hurt.