Cats love hunting and chasing insects inside and outside our house. Sometimes can happen that our pet eats a fly, certainly it is not dangerous on the contrary it is a good protein-based snack.

The real danger is when cats eat bees, wasps or spiders. Bees and wasps stinger or insects fur (very itchy) can cause painful and acute inflammation and glottis edema with the consequences of suffocation. In this case cats meow very loudly because of the pain and suddenly keep the mouth open, the neck is stretch and it’s clear he can’t breathe.

In the most dangerous cases when the insects sting at the end of the jaws, the cat can dead rapidly and we will not have enough time to take him to the First Aid. In other cases they can be stung on the muzzle or on the nose (easier for dogs). It is very painful and the nose or the muzzle starts to swell.

In such situation I personally suggest you to always have in your house a phial of cortisone that is the only cure in this case and can immediately resolve the problem. I also suggest you to talk with your Vet, he will surely give you an appropriate cure.