Pet’s owners often ask to make diagnosis about small pimples, scabs, protuberance etc that emerge on the skin of their animals. These are called Neoplasm and can have different causes.

We have to consider all the spontaneous form and we have to exclude all the post-traumatic form like scratch, excoriation, trauma etc. All the body from the nose to the tail can have this protuberance.

They can have round shapes and can be external or subcutaneous, painful or not and generally they aren’t hot, if they are it could be an abscess. They can also be defined or can have an homogenized consistency but not uniform.
There are some protuberance with or without fur on them that are dark blue or black colored.

When some races get old (for example Toy Poodle), on our pet’s skin we can find papillomatosis neoplasm.

In some case we can easily make diagnosis for example in the case of skin cysts. In other cases, it is difficult and almost impossible, to make diagnosis based on external features and it is necessary to examine in dept and make the histological test after neoplasm removal. This method allows us to make a more certain diagnosis and give an appropriate cure and therapy. Many protuberances are benign, others can be malignant tumor.

We can prevent them by touching frequently our pet and when we find some strange protuberance, ask our Veterinary promptly.