In this period many owners call me to inform me that their own animal, more easily dogs, show the same symptoms of “our” cold.

Well, they can be also hit by what are defined as “illnesses due to cooling  “ and just like us they show the same symptoms: nose that drips, shiny eyes, shivers, sometimes cough.

It would be better to verify fever before proceeding with possible therapies. You can measure it with a normal thermometer introducing the tip in the anus and leaving it for a few minutes. The normal temperature is 38-38,5 degrees, this is in an adult subject, in puppies can be slightly higher.

Only in presence of an evident fever increasing we will proceed with medicines to make it lower and possibly antibiotics to contrast an active infection but only if it of bacterial origin.

In any case please ask the veterinary  who not only know the patient but he will judge the correct therapy.

In case of light symptoms you can avoid useless cares that could provoke a serious resistance against the medicine and above all to antibiotics, serious problems more and more spread.

Maybe you can use natural therapy that can help the immune system to contrast independently the pathology or make the symptoms lighter.

Another procedure can be the use of aerosol, easier in cats or in the docs of “toy” race, very useful to set a closed nose free.

How to make our pet do the aerosol? You will proceed introducing our  patient in his transporter and closing it with a big plastic bag to which the aerosol apparel will be linked with the proper product to the case, he will be thus obliged to breathe the medicine.

Keep the patient at warm, limiting the walks only for the hygienic time, avoid to place the bed towards strains of air and keep the room wet, that is what  we exactly will do for ourselves.

If conditions should be worsening you will have to call the veterinary to get the correct therapy soon.