This is the season when we often talk about antiparasitics.

When the hot season arrives a lot of parasites wake up and start searching hosts to get nutrition to grow the breed. Some are obliged parasites, they never leave their host: among the Endoparasites I mention Ascaridi, Anchilostomi, Stongili, Teniand , Protozoans, Guinea Worm. All of them live  inside the animal in different apparatus.

We find some instead outside out fur friends ‘ body: these are fleas, lice, mites. Other use the host’s body just for the blood meal and then go down on the floor and continue the molt or  lay eggs: typical examples are the ticks, but also winged  insects that eat blood like mosquitoes.

All this enemy army is fought with the use of  many products every year, let’s see them in detail:

  1. Collars : they are sold in single packs and according to the size of the subject, They have different characterics for the present chemical molecule/s. Some are only repellent against the fleas but most o f  them assure now a good protection against mosquitoes and the Flebotomes of the Leishmania
  2. Pipettes or spot-on sold in multiple packs and always in the dosage proper to the size, to apply once a month between the shoulder blades of the anima. They assure the protection against the most part of parasites through a gradual release.
  3. Products for the mouth, like tablets. To use once a month above all for the prevention of the Filariosi but of intestinal parasites as well.
  4. Shampoo to be used more frequently, in case of
  5. Sprays with the same active principles of the previous once but to be used when needed.
  6. Injections to be used by veterinary doctors only.

Important: you don’t have to combine two products! I remind you that they are toxic products and you have to use them carefully assuring that the dosage is suitable for the size and the species. For example the “permetrine”, very often used for the products of the dog, is highly toxic for cats and rabbits. Therefore pay attention if you have these pets at home! On the packs you always find the species the product can be used for.

Your veterinary will be able to suggest you on the use of the best antiparasitic that will change not only according to the health conditions of your dog or cat, but to the place where he will stay and therefore to the major or minor risk of contagion, to the possible previous allergic reactions and to the place you will go on holiday.

I remind that also the weather conditions can move up or postpone the use of antiparasitics.

New strategies against  the endoparasites are born, one of the most interesting is the ZERO BUGS PLUS, a protective device that works through the emission of ultrasound pulses which don’t damage either people or animals but disturb fleas and ticks.

It looks like a small medal and has to be hung on the collar. It has got a lithium battery which lasts about 10 months.