On 16th of July 2016, the Health Ministry has published on the Official Gazette the new rules to be followed by the owners of dogs, during the walks. Let’s examine it in depth together:

  1. First of all the owner will have to be and adult who, in case of need, will respond of possible damages caused by his own dog. This doesn’t mean that our puppies have to walk only with parents, on the contrary to give guys the task to take out their dog will make them more responsible.
  2. The dog sitter (like the owner) will be civilly and criminally responsible of possible damages caused to thirds. Therefore when you choose the person who will take care of our dog, we will have to pay the best attention. With some advice, we can avoid irresponsible and distracted behaviors.
  3. The cleaning: all must be careful of the decency of your own town, therefore whoever takes out the dog he must have bag and pan to collect his excrements. This is important for his health too, because we avoid contagion(I will tell you about this in a next text).
  4. The leash must always be, with a length which doesn’t go over 1,30 meters. The extendable one must be blocked, parameter I agree with because I never considered them as valid: neither from the educational point of view of the dog, not from the one of the owner, who, believing thus to give more freedom to his puppy, can expose him to many risks instead. The other people, above al children and ancient ones for examples, could not see the leash and therefore fall provoking them selves damages the owner is responsible for.
  5. The use of the muzzle is suggested or mandatory on the public transport means for all the aggressive subjects. I remind you that the basket one, very used in the past, is totally disappeared in favor of the ribbon muzzles suitable for all kind of noses and less traumatic for the dog.
  6. The dog license released at the end of the training classes for dogs is useful for everyone but mandatory only for some.  It is a task of Asl, Municipalities and Veterinary services by organizing classes ( sometimes free of charge) to guarantee the correct management of your four legged friend, at the end of which the certificate will be released.