The xylitol is a sweetener also called “ wood sugar” and it is extracted mainly from birch, strawberries, raspberries, plums and wheat, and it is indicated with the initials E967. It is other used for the preparations of chewing gums and candies. It has a wide market because it can be substituted to the common sugar and consumed by the diabetics as well; moreover it has good effects on the prevention of the dental caries. All this for humans..but what does it have to do with our pets?

Dogs, both when they are puppies but also in adult age, could ingest candies and chewing gums for pica or gluttony, by causing a real poisoning. It has been demonstrated that xylitol when taken in big quantities, but consider always the reduced sizes of the puppies of race Toy, can cause a very dangerous and fast lowering of the glucose levels in blood by provoking real events of hypoglycemia. After only 30 minutes a depression of the central nervous system, loss of consciousness and muscular convulsions.

The immediate visit of a Veterinary is fundamental. I remind also that the plants this sugar is extracted from, among all the birch, can be cause of allergies.