When you take a puppy home, in the most cases on the Sanitary booklet you only find one vaccination registered.
A good breeder should advise the new owners that 1 or 2 recalls ( it depends on the vaccine used) after 21/30 days from the first one are necessary, but above all that the puppy will not have to go out form home or be put in contact with not vaccinated animals, until the recalls are made.

This is not excessive because it is fundamental to respect these times to avoid that animals incur the mortal pathologies for which we have them vaccinated.

The new owners look often forward to introducing the new puppies to friends and relatives and to take him with them out for walking, under rating the risk of contagion.
On the other side the sun exposure is fundamental to fix Vitamin D for a good skeleton development and it is important that also the puppy learns to trust the new sounds and noises of a different space than home.
What doing in these cases?

You can use the bags where set the puppy to bring with without dangers or suitable strollers.

The bag must be of non-toxic material ( puppies bite and crunch  anything), mustn’t fray to avoid suffocation, easily washable and above all size cut.
Until they are puppiesalso the medium, big or giant size subjects can use this comfortable transport means.
A fundamental device to make them feel safe, it is the one of some tests at home, in a known space, to make them accustomed to the swinging of their owner’s step and to the height that could scare them.

Puppies are unpredictable for nature and they suddenly move risking to fall by a height that, above all for small or toy races, could cause fractures or sprains.
Be sure they are quiet and trust the transport means.
The bags can be useful also in case of light orthopedic problems or injuries in paws  that ask to avoid the contact with soil.

A very good example of bag to carry puppies or XS sized dogs is Mia Pet Bag that, being in recyclable rubber at 100%, is very soft for the paws, it is waterproof and allows an easy cleaning with water and neutral soap ( see above).
From the point of view of safety the adjustable bands are very goods, since they allow to adjust the height of the bags in the safest point for our 4 legged friend.

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Once regularly vaccinated and when the period of necessary isolation is ended, I suggest to make them walk to better integrate with environment, other pets, people.