Are you already thinking of your deserved holidays? Are you planning far and adventurous travels? And your pets? Did you already think of their accommodation?

Personally I would hope that the whole family could leave to the same place and that holidays were for your dogs, cats or small pets. The closeness to the owner for the whole day, in relaxing times, the possibility to walk in the country, woods or beach will be a very good chance to reinforce the relationship.

Fortunately, many hotels , resident houses and even beaches ( until some time ago prohibited to dogs) have not real SPA with preferential accesses.

If, for different needs, it were not possible to bring  your pets with you, the solutions could be:

  • To leave them with a relative or a trusted friend, even with the promise that when he is out we will give him the favor back. In this case it would be better, unless there is already an acquaintance, let him have use by leaving him for a weekend, ready to intervene if the living together is not so idyllic..
  • To find a valid pet-sitter. Even this relationship has to be evaluated in time. The person in charge will take care of the agreed walks out, leaving the dog in his own room during the rest of the day and in the night.
  • To bring them to a boarding house or livestock: in this case consider to bring them back in the livestock they come from. It could be fine because he will recognize odors, places, play mates. As far as the boarding houses are concerned, consider anything in time, the rooms where your friend will live, the size, the cleaning, if he will have only a cage or an access outdoor and the possible living with other subjects.
  • Consider obviously the presence of a veterinary doctor in the structure or available 24h. The price will vary, consider also that the summer months will be most requested and expensive.
  • Only the cat can rest at home alone for 2 days, leaving of course sufficient water and food. For longer period, but never more that 15 days we can decide to leave him to the care of a person who will go there daily to change litter, food and water and to stay with him.

Any solution you will decide, the last suggestion is always the one to verify if when you return the dog will look happy, playful though your absence. Summer is coming, therefore if you didn’t do that yet, you should start to plan ( for your 4 legged friends too) nice holidays.