Is it really true that cats have 7 lives? And that they can save themselves even if they  fall from high?

Sometimes yes, it can happen. However it is not always like that and consequences are tragic. A

Cats, like all feline, are extremely territorial and curious animals, they can go for many km a day totally free exploring any place around their dwelling ( and therefore even the “human” home where they live).

Moreover  they are very agile, with a high sense of balance.

All owners of cats can tell stories of fearless acrobatics sometimes to the limit of physics.

If careful, not annoyed by sudden noises and not chased by predators, they can very often land from the high on the 4 paws or easily jump from an object to another, also in dangerous situations.

For this reason, I always suggest not to distract a cat walking on the cornices of balconies or climbing on a roof; our worried call could distract him dangerously.

The height from which they fall sometimes doesn’t make the difference, it could be a second or sixth floor, But if he can’t turn well and land on the paws or if he meets obstacles, like spikes, bins of the conditioning air, pots or other balconies, the hit could provoke fractures or such serious internal wounds to cause almost immediate death.

Therefore, what do we need to do?

It would be cautious to protect balconies with nets to be placed on all the length and until the ceiling, to avoid that cats while climbing can fall. You can also use insect screens at the windows. These solutions are always requested by cat shelters during the phase of pre-custody.

The cat could however go outside to enjoy the sun , without the danger to follow a bird who flies away ( together with the cat who would fly down to send him away.

For someone of you he could seem an animal in a cage but I grant that to assist to the death of your patient in ten minutes because fallen down from a window of a second floor is not pleasant at all. Solutions exist, let’s adopt them on time.