Above all because it is a “zoonosi” , that is to say an illness that can affect men and dogs through an insect that nourish itself with blood. It is not the common mosquito, this can transmit the guinea worm and I have already talked about, but a different insect, a smallest pappatacio than the mosquito that can also pass through the insect screen and that sting also during the day not only at night. The danger of their prick is therefore larger than the one of the common mosquito.

The pathology was until some years ago restricted to the Mediterranean areas where climate facilitate d the proliferation of insects but now, both because our dogs often travel with us and for warm climate even in the north, the cases of Leishmaniosi are increasing.

The illness can appear sometimes with not specific signs; vomit or dysentery can occur in very short times or after a long time in chronic form. The most typical manifestations are given by a scurfy form called “Adamantacea” because of big and very evident scales, fast growth of nails and a typical alopecia around the eyes as if the affected subject would wear glasses, and easy blood from the nose.

To be sure of the presence of the pathology it is necessary an emetic test which can be made in the laboratory with suitable kits or in laboratories of veterinary analysis with specific methods. Prevention is done always in the areas more at risk and sometimes during the moving into endemic areas; for any doubt it is better to ask for suggestion to your own Veterinary.

You can choose vaccination, possible for some years but always after having tested the dogs with cycles of recalls or with a good repellent product like a collar or spot-on. As far as these last ones are concerned, take care that they are not toxic for your cats, some substances can provoke very serious problems to this species, just because cat and dog are not the same!