Our pets look like us more and more, not only in the behaviors but also in the diseases. During last years we more and more often watch the outbreak of food intolerances and allergies, respiratory or for contact both in the dogs and in the cats. Sometimes they are more evident in some periods of the year, like for us the presence of pollen or seasonal plants, or during the whole year because of more common allergens.

These pathologies can have different symptoms. The more usual one is the itch, located in the whole body: the pet scratches himself so much that it can provoke deep and painful lesions. Or a gastroenteritis with vomit and dysentery, but also respiratory crisis with sneezes, cough, tears…
Just like it is useful for us to “cover” the symptoms with specific medicines, we have to go study the problem deeply.
With a simple hematic test we can check a lot of allergens both alimentary and respiratory, seasonal or ever-lasting, only this way we will be able to understand the real cause of the problem and find the correct therapy.

Ask to you Veterinary, he will suggest at his best for sure.