Many of our animals, more often cats who are curious by nature, will be attracted by ribbons, boxes, envelopes and colored packets. As always, take care!

For example, our beautiful Christmas Tree: the real firs are not a danger for pets generally. Much more other plants we have at home in this period like the poinsettia ( see the article). The Christmas Tree can be a potential danger if our cat takes it like something to climb or a funny hiding place.

He could not only make it fall but he could be hurt by the weight or by decorations or, worse, to rest prisoner of the lights or of the decorative ribbons.

For these reasons, I suggest to verify its perfect steadiness or to locate it in a little accessible place.

Don’t underrate the abilities of a cat, above all if he is young and adventurous.

Now let’s talk about the gift papers. They attract more dogs who could destroy them with teeth and nails and swallow them, by causing vomit and in exceptional cases intestinal blocks.

Ribbons and cords: these are often made of a very resistant material so that if swallowed they could provoke serious intestinal damages. And sometimes you have to make surgical operations to remove them.

Boxes and bags are irresistible toys for cats, who will love to use them like hidden places or shelters. Bags, if of plastic and small, could provoke suffocation ( the scared cats could even choke trying to release.

In conclusion  all the various decorations like glass balls, plastic objects covered with sequins, glitters, feathers or other toxic and dangerous materials ( attention on the statuettes of the nativity scene and on moss).

Take care and don’t leave chocolate boxes or food nests at the fingertips of cats and dogs, they could eat potentially dangerous food or “simply” stuff themselves with your precious delicacies.

Therefore, the feast is for them as well, but take the right care and don’t underrate the capacity pets sometimes have to get into troubles.