Do you think it’s enough to choose any cat litter and make his own private moment enjoyable? Well, it is not.

By nature all felines defecate and their defecation are not just excrements but their own visit card to other animals and to the one who get inside their territories.

Our cats often have to adapt themselves to a litter that we decide to be adequate, based on our senses, sight, smell or just because we think it is practical. But because they are very clean and exacting animals, perhaps they will never choose it.

Instead, we have to choose a litter they like and we must not think this is a small things because if the cat don’t approve, he might leave a souvenir wherever he likes, and maybe right in front of the litter as to tell us that he perfectly knows where to defecate, and certainly not in that “thing”.

Which is why we have to try different litters to understand which is the right one. I personally avoid the perfumed one because they generally are fragrance that are activated with the ammonia contained in the urine and cats don’t like aromas as lavender, citrus or aloe.

Litters that contain silicon can be really dangerous because the cat can eat it, on the other side it doesn’t produce dust and it is ideal for cats who have breathing problems. Some others contain carbon or even antibacterical and deactivating system that eliminate traces. Some litters can contain clay or bentonite or recycled paper (very lightweight and perfect for people who can’t or don’t want to carry heavy weight and it has the value to be easily to suck and it don’t ruin the floor).

Sabbia with high detailed rattan decoration

Sabbia with high detailed rattan decoration.

Granules size depends on cats needs. It has to be very tiny for puppies or animals that have paws disease and especially for them, there are litters without corners. It has to be quite big or medium size granules for those cats who have long fur, in this way granules will not be stuck in the fur.

There also are medical litter used to collect urine in case we need urine tests and others that are painted with different color based on different pathologies.

Privè with Fast hook and unhook system to optimize the cleaning

Privè with fast hook and unhook system to optimize the cleaning.

Bama has patented two cat litters based on the needs of yours cat: Sabbia, squirt shielding bag clip and easily removable, to allow the insertiong of the sanitary bag very easily and Privè, the box for more reserved cats.

This is why every cat must have his own litter.