Each dog should have his own bowl, specific for the size (useless to  give a basin to a chihuahua or a cup to a Great Dane) and the race (the shape of nose and ears determines the correct choice).

The color and/or the shape is not important if the animal doesn’t have difficulty to eat and drink, but we talk about races like the cocker with long, heavy and above all very furry ears, it could become complicated. Both for a hygienic and living-together problem, they often make the floor dirty, they shake off and throw piece of food or drops of water wherever, by causing then problems of dermatitis or bad smells.
For this reason the creative people of the specialized industries have met us by projecting high and narrow bowls for the above  mentioned subjects, so that ears can stay far from food and water. Or even bowl with heavy bottom or anti-slip rubber tips to avoid  their accidental or wanted overturning. Only in case of certain allergy to plastics, it will be necessary to use bowls of glass.

The bowls raised from the floor are not only a functional tool for a good cleaning, but they are also often suggested by veterinaries in all cases in which the lowering of the head  both to eat and to drink involves pain and difficulties like in cervical arthrosis, ocular pathologies, sinusitis or headaches.