December, time of wishes, presents, parties and.. FIREWORKS!

Every year all the owners of pets have to take care about the potential danger of these fireworks.

Many towns have issued decrees for the abolition of fireworks and other objects that can provoke strong noises to protect pets, however they keep on being used.

Problems for animals ( not only pets but the wild ones as well), can refer to the hearing.  Pets have a hearing system more complex than ours, being able to detect different grades of sound waves, therefore also small detonations can cause fear and terror!  Events of tachycardia, salivation, tremors, but also sudden escapes, until the most serious cases with real convulsion and death due to heart attack.

What can we do to avoid all this?

First of all, in this period never set your dog free during walks! If we know such dangers can occur it is better to use a safer harness in dedicated area as well.

A scared subject could jump over the borders of the area or cross a congested road and be in serious danger.

Neither an extremely obedient subject will answer his owner’s call if scared to death by a firework.

Cats could  go so far that they wouldn’t find the way home and hide themselves in places closed off to us.  Don’t leave windows and doors open, they could escape to hide who knows where.

You could also use insert cotton pads in the ears of our friend to soften the noise of fireworks a little bit.

Another solution is to isolate him, above all on New Year’s Eve, in a room where he can stay quiet without objects he can get hurt with. You can switch radio or tv on at a volume that can “ mask” the one of fireworks.

If they are very scared, you can try and use ( in lighter cases) some natural therapies like the “ Bach Flowers” against fear or pheromones both in the collar or diffused. In this case start a lot of time before this period.

Personally I never suggest the use of tranquillizers or sedatives unless you have always used them and you already know possible negative effects on the single subject. This is because a scared and not completely conscious animal could hurt himself very seriously. But if you have already had a negative experience I suggest to talk with your veterinary, He could suggest the medicine in case of problems.

My greater suggestion is obviously never to act with your own head above all with tranquillizers of human use, you will risk much more serious damages.

Happy Holiday to everyone, without fireworks!