More and more often we talk about the strict relationship between nutrition and wellness not only for us human beings, but also for our 4 legged friends.

A wrong nutrition can provoke a long series of problems, sometimes difficult to individuate and solve, for them as well.

However some dietetic food exist which can be very helpful for some pathologies.

The use of industrial dietetic food adequately measured for the different pathologist reveals to be a very good help, increasing the life quality of the patient.
The pathologies which need a suitable dietary support more often are:

  • The kidney insufficiency both in acute and chronic phase: in this case it is important to set up a balanced nutrition, above all by limiting the most as possible the dangerous electrolytic supply as the phosphorus.
  • The urinary stones, with the differentiations according to the nature of stones or crystals present in the urine after having made suitable lab test.
  • Hepatic and cardiac pathologies.
  • Obesity, more and more existing, which leads to very serious secondary pathologies.
  • Endocrine imbalances like diabetes
  • Allergic dietary pathologies
  • Metabolic disturbs
  • Dietary disturbs like constipation or dysentery.
  • Problems of skin or fur

Your veterinary doctor will suggest you the most suitable food for your Darling and the times of use even for the specific food of various races; in this way you can prevent possible hereditary pathologies or linked to the phases of your pet’s life.

I suggest to read carefully the composition of the dietetic food before the first purchase.
If you don’t want or like industrial food, I remind that the same food can be found both dry and wet. You can choose, but only in the less serious cases, for a domestic diet, even if it will have to be always perfectly balance towards the pathology of the animal.