In beautiful season we are more willing to stain in open air and walk with our dog. It can sometimes happen that thanks to his extraordinary smell he leads us near abandoned or hindered pets. The first thing to do is to distance our friend to avoid he can hurt the hindered one be himself wounded.

If you should find adult dogs and cats you have to be certain they are really abandoned. Sometimes these are wandering animals who have a master to whom they return after making a “tour”. In case he let you get close, control he has medals or other identification signs. Otherwise you can take him to the area kennel, where they will verify the presence of microchip more easily and give him back to his own owner.

If the animal you find is unfortunately wounded, scared or if he has been run over, try immediately to make him quiet to avoid other troubles. But don’t touch him, since he could bite or scratch you for fear and pain, it would be an absolutely natural reaction! Therefore try to get close very quietly, with a low voice, by giving him some water and food.

If we were seriously wounded, dont’ try to move him, but give first assistance by covering him with a blanket or medicating him in case of visible wounds and contact a Veterinary. For assistance you can call:
• The State Police or
• The ’ENPA (National Authority for Animal Protection) at a local seat.

But even the Carabinieri because I remind you that the abandon of any animal, even the smallest ones like bunnies or birds, it is an act prosecutable by the Penal Code foreseeing penalties from 1000 to 10000 € until the capture.

If you meet a wild animal instead, you will have to pay a lot of attention. never touch him because our smell could make his mother, who may be only far, will not recognize him anymore or, in case of boars, can be very dangerous. In this case watch the animal and contact the local ENPA or better the CRAS, the Recover Centre of Wild Animals.