When we bring a new puppy home, taken in a farming house or in a store, he should be always have a sanitary book with his name, characteristics ( race, sex…).

Be sure that he has been vaccinated when he was two months old: in the book a label must appear where it is highlighted the kind of vaccine done, the series, the manufacturer and obviously the Veterinary’s signature.

Before vaccination the subject must be submitted to a careful visit: the veterinary  has to be certain of the good health conditions ( no fever or any other pathology, parasite infections which could decrease or cancel the efficacy of the vaccine). Between the first and the second or third vaccination must pass at least 3 weeks and no more than 4.

In the meanwhile the puppy can go outside BUT ONLY  raised up or in places where there no infective dangers: therefore no playing areas dedicated to dogs, boarding houses, places where not vaccinated dogs can be found. They may seem expected warnings but they are not! These elementary precautions but fundamental to avoid mortal diseases to your puppy, like parvovirosi or canine distemper.  These serious viral pathologies are always present and there are new more aggressive strains and not completely checked by usual vaccination.

It occurred to me  to meet puppies that are brought in streets, to  the dog areas, in meadows. The owners also told me they had the permission by their veterinaries, who make the owner quiet by saying that in 3 days the immune system will have completed its way of defense. Nothing wronger! The immune system needs time for the formation of the antibodies against those infective diseases  we need to vaccine for.

Not always the cycle of vaccine is the same for everyone; it depends on circumstances, habits,   place of origin or the danger of a previous contagion. Think only about the puppies trained in a battery, with no sanitary rule and stuffed in not proper places. The speed of the diffusion of viral pathologies is really fast!

Therefore pay a lot of attention, be patient and keep puppies home. If needed, during sunny days ( fundamental for the development of bones) bring them outside but with due precautions. If you have doubts, consult different veterinaries, To loose a puppy because of parvovirosi or canine distemper only for negligence will provoke even  more pain.