Even our pets, during their lifetime, have to undergo preventive and healing therapy. Their owner often ask me the same question: ”How can I let my pet eat pills, medicine drops or syrup?”
Lets find out how to do it.

How to give medicines to your dog

Is easier for dogs to eat pills and usually pills can be rolled up in ham slices or, if they are tiny ones, can be splitted inside wurstel, meat or cheese.

Even in this case some pets, the cleverest, will eat everything except the pill, for this reason I suggest to crumble the pill with a knife and mix it with a little quantity of food that has to be very yummy. Attention, not mix the crumbled pill with the entire quantity because your pet could eat a part of it and not take the right dose.

You have to pay attention when you mix the medicine with the food because some element could interfere in a positive or in a negative way. For example the antifungal medicine has to be mix with a lipid like butter.

Many medicine has to be taken in a specific time, for example without food, like the lactic starters. This is an important precaution. On the other side, anti-inflammatory medicine has to be taken with food every time. If you want to be sure of that I suggest to ask your veterinary or check and read carefully in the paper inside the packaging.

You can buy pills that can be opened and thanks to the flavor the pills or powder will be more tasty.

How to give medicines to your cat

Cats are different. They are very difficult pets. Pill have to be pulverized and mix with a little quantity of food. If it is not possible, I suggest to:

  • dissolve the powder in water or other liquid like natural tuna soup or milk (if your cat likes it).
  • Withdraw the liquid into a syringe without needle
  • Put it on the cat’s mouth,
  • Pour it gently. The cat will automatically swallow.

I suggest to not open too much the cat’s mouth because he could fight back and provoke a very dangerous coughing attack, dry heave, or some time, laryngitis or pharyngitis.
Some medicine can provoke hyper salivation, for this reason the first time you have to give your cat a medicine it is better to give a lower dose.

Thanks to the cat attention on cleaning, It is also possible to spread medicine paste with olive taste or anchovies taste on cat’s mouth or paws.
Some galenic pharmacy can turn every product in a flavor and tasty paste and you can choose your cat’s favorite flavor.
If this is not possible, it is better to give pets the medicine by injection.