Pet didn’t eat the modern food for pet but the left-overs of our lunch and dinner. Or there was the house diet because made with meats, cereals and vegetables prepared at the moment.

Things  have changed. We veterinaries  and consequently all the owners have started to propose “different” diets (so-called “industrials” because promoted by big multi National companies but also by small food companies as well). These companies have been producing packaged food for a lot  f time: biscuits and small wet pieces, pate, snacks to satisfy any age and race of dogs and cats. Even for samples with particular medical need, there  is suitable food.

A few years ago we started talking about the “ diet B.A.R.F.” ( “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”). This dies was invented by the Australian veterinary Billinghust. Since 1993 it fast spread thanks to Internet and then with talks on the socials.  This diet lays on what follows: we have to go back to food more suitable to the metabolic needs of our pets, who should eat healthy and natural food, since, if they still lived as free, they could not eat packaged food for sure. That is to say that we should give them ONLY raw food, muscles, parts of bones, interiors, fishes adding fruits and vegetables, milk, oil, cider vinegar, seaweeds, yeasts and food integrators.

No starchy  food and modified products.

This diet shows advantages and disadvantages both for the pet and for the owner, who will have not only to provide all necessary food but he will have to prepare the portion.

On sale you also find ready products, frozen fresh or dry that respect this diet. Who wants to join this diet he will have to ask for opinion to his veterinary.

In fact not all subjects may have such a structured diet. For examples in older subjects or who are predisposed to kidney failure,  the quantity of proteins in the diet B.A.R.F: will be very high. Consequently the pathology could get worse. Or, given the high presence of oils, problems on metabolism and pancreas might raise.

However, there are many positive aspects. Using  the diet B.A.R.F. you would avoid preservatives, thickeners and colorants, very often responsible of allergies, there would be more appetite, and better functionality of digestion.

For all who are interested in under standing more on this diet for their pet, I suggest to talk with the veterinary first, don’ t act by yourselves! Follow the nutritionist’s suggestions who will make you consider al the phases of your pet’s life; for example it may be that the subject is so conditioned by the familiar “ scent” of his tin, that he will not want to bite a piece of bleeding liver.

As usual, in the food field as well, we should use the good sense.