Can animals sunburn if they lie too much time under the sun? The answer surprisingly is yes.

Our animals can’t get a tan like us. They don’t have any defense they are subjected to the sun. If they lie under the sun for a long time, because there is any place to take cover like dogs that have to stay on the balcony, but also animals who love the sun and like the warmth, they can be subjected to the UVA rays and can have serious consequence.

Delicate skin like ear, nose, lips and eyelids but also hairless body parts that are particularly delicate can burn easily. We first notice an erythematic inflammation that in a second time covers with thick scabs. This phase is called Cheratosi Actinic better known as solar Dermatitis. In this case because of the genetic peculiarity, the racial features or the seriousness of the injury, the inflammation can become a real and very aggressive tumor also called cellular carcinoma.

We must remember that white cats have more possibilities to contract tumor, more than others races. They need protection from the sun’s rays and it’s better they never lie directly under the sun.