It often happens to me to see dogs “dressed” with small coats in different shapes, colors , appearances, from the most sober to the oddest, resulting really in the ridiculous, obviously for the poor dog. The use and abuse of this object goes back to some years ago and it was needed to shelter ancient or sick dogs from hard rains  or puppies not ready for rigid temperatures yet, which could cause pathologies from cooling.

Now we unfortunately go bad tot rue apparels with small hats, hoods, rhinestones, bows and other really useless accessories. The dog has to be covered only under particular circumstances and I suggest:

  • with rain:  above all in dogs with long fur difficult to dry at home;
  • in dogs with running pathologies for whom a cooling would cause a worsening of the status;
  • ancient subjects;
  • very young puppies;
  • races with sparse or very short fur;
  • for the first and last walk if you live at North under  very rigid temperatures.

For the rest it would be much better to let the dog make a stroll at home before the walk, in order for him not to go immediately under low temperatures after being in a warm room.
In all other circumstances it is only an aesthetic need of the owner.