Sterilize, sterilize, sterilize!
This is the mantra I always here when people takes a cat form a cat-house or shelter and which should always happen.

The reasons are various:

  • human: the easiness to  have a pet who will not continuously in heat, the cat is a multi estrous pet, therefore he will be in heat many times, generally in 2 annual  periods;
  • animal: animals in estrous tend to deposit smelling traces, more easily urines with hard smell, on objects, clothes, furniture  etc. This attitude is absolutely natural  and it acts like a call for the other cats, this is not malice or prank.

Let us not submit the subjects to stress ( for the ones closed at home) and   to useless and repeating pregnancies for the females and dangerous battles for the males, for all the ones who lead a stray life. The surgical sterilization is a routine practice which is made under anesthesia both for the male and for the female and only by veterinaries.