Let’s talk again about sterilization, this time we are going to concentrate on male dogs sterilization.

It is possible to have two different types of sterilization for dogs: chemical or surgical. It is different for cats, we can be consider only the surgical sterilization.

Let’s examine the differences.

The sterilization, that consists on complete removal of testicles, can be  exercised  only by a veterinary. It has to be done in this cases:

To avoid unwanted  pregnancy, for example if there are female and male dogs in the same place.

  • To avoid pregnancy because of genetic and hereditary disease, for example cardiac pathology, dysplasia, blindness. A real breeder has to think about these diseases.
  • In the case of aggressive and too much exited behavior.
  • In case of relapse prostate pathology.
  • In case of testicles neoplasia.

If we are referring to the points 4 and 5 veterinary must practice a surgical sterilization. In other cases it can be practiced both types.

We can also have a third possibility, veterinary can inject our dog with pharmacological products under the skin that will stop the production of testosterone , male sex hormone and the production of spermatozoa.

Anyway the last possibility has many drawbacks:

  • Infertility times are not always respected, it depends on size and individual characteristics of the dogs.
  • It is important to pay attention because it is after a month from the inoculation that we can be sure of sterility.
  • The injection has to be repeated after 6/8 months, otherwise the dog will be fertile again.
  • It is not a constant technique because the improper use of hormone for long period of times, can cause more serious pathology, so serious that can lead on to surgical sterilization.
  • The product is very expensive.
  • There can be negative reactions to the chemical molecules and its components.

The benefits are:

  • The possibility to stop the fertility in a limited period of time, and schedule a probable pregnancy.
  • In case of aggressive behavior , it is possible to verify in a longer period of time that it is caused by sexuality; and in this case, decided for a permanent intervention.

In the case that your dog can’t be exposed to this surgical intervention (maybe because cannot undergo anesthesia, for cardiac pathology, renal pathology, liver pathology, prostatic pathology), you need to speak with veterinary: he will give you a better advise that suits your dogs needs)