Like every year when the sun gets warmer and spring arrives in our towns, the owners always ask me for the same question: “ Doctor, what about the Guinea worm) When can I start prevention?”

The Guinea Worm is a pathology caused by a parasite similar in shape and size to a spaghetto, which enters the guest organism in its larval shape (absolutely invisible to the human eye) from the common mosquito. The quantity of such parasites that locate between heart and lungs is sometimes really impressive. Therefore it is not a pathology transmitted by direct contact but it needs an obligatory passage in the organism of another guest, the mosquito. For this reason the prevention, both if you prefer pills, Spot-on or injection has to be executed after the appearance of mosquitoes and will finish one month after their disappearance. Because of our temperate climate it will be better to start between May and June and suspend not before October-November.

The hurry to start soon sometimes determine the suspension of the therapy too fast, determining a dangerous chance to the Guinea Worms to insert in our friends’ organism.