The beautiful season invites us to spend more and more time outside, on the fields where dogs can run freely. Be careful of the presence of the terrible “ fora-sacchi”, commonly called spikes.

They have in fact the characteristics of the corn spike and like them they are arrow shaped, therefore they can’t reverse once inserted, that’s why we say they walk. You can easily find them inside ears, above all in subjects with long and furry ears, among the fingers of paws but even in many other points, very dangerous if they hit the eye.

The symptoms are always bothersome, with insistent waggle of the hit ear, sometimes with laments and rotation of the head towards the hit part, insistent  lick and nibble until the laceration of the interested part, but also, in the most serious cases, with appearance of abscesses, fistula even very far from the initial penetration point.
It will be very difficult for the animal to set free of the problem by himself, you should often ask for the veterinary’s help who will proceed in solving the problems with the use of sedation and anesthesia.